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Siberian husky pups born 12th sept 2012

About Polarpaws.

All parings are made with the respective breed standard in mind, in the hope that the puppies will develope and grow as near as the recognised standard for that breed. All dogs have had their hips scored and eyes tested before breeding.
Polarpaws will  not use dogs with overly dominant natures, as temperament is just as important as the physical makeup of the dog.
Please look at some of our previous dogs breed in our gallery and links to other websites where our dogs can be viewed.
When possible Polarpaws will have 1  litter a year, then if the right people are interested in one of pur puppies they will be asked to come along and meet us and the pack.
Polarpaws expects potential owners to have done there homework on the respective breed and have good knowledge of the breeds characteristics, temperamnets, maintenence and thought about who will be looking after the dog.
Polarpaws will not consider people who will be leaving their dogs on there own for long periods at a time  as this will be detremental to the dog and also the neighbours, as these dogs will undoubtabley voice their opinion on being left alone.
Generally puppies will leave us at 8-10 weeks but we must  make sure the puppies go to the right home, although our first thoughts are the pups go to a work or show home, our main priority is that they go to a loving home and is suitably cared for.
People that take on a polarpaws pup will be asked to go to classes, either it be Ring-craft, obedience, Agility ect, as this socialisation the dogs recieve will benefit both dog and owners with interaction.
The waiting time for a Polarpaws pup can be anything from 6 months to 18 months which is subject to change, as we are governed by the dogs seasons and availability, but persons who wished to be placed on our puppy list are required to inform polarpaws if their circumstances change, thus helping us maintane a up to date potential owners list.
We no longer Breed..Alaskan Malamutes & Siberian Huskies

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Health Issue's

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