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Siberian husky pups born 12th sept 2012


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  1. Bought a new christmas tree, put the base up to see if it would fit in the corner, then decided to put the middle and top on, guess what?
    The house is now decorated for christmas and we are still in the 3rd week of November......how festive is that?
    Had a great day yesterday doing christmas shopping in the morning with mum and the girls.
    Then in the afternoon Kerry, and Wendy came down with Martyn and Nigel.
    We left the boys to sort out the van, and then the girls and I went and done more christmas shopping..
    Saturday China, Babushka, Darcy and Fugly took father Christmas from the north pole to Chrisp Street market, oh what fun we had, then Prada and the girls did some rides  with the kids........HoHoHo

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