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Siberian husky pups born 12th sept 2012


  1. Thank you Leah for your time and trouble in helping me understand a little more about your amazing breed and hopefully help another friend breed some beautiful Malamutes.

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  2. Great site. Your dog Christmas dinner pic was my favorite.

    Hey, can help pick puppy names?

    Just look at all different baby names ..

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  3. Greetings from Ukraine! Very beautiful site and lovely pupils. I wish you the further successes at exhibitions. Yours faithfully, Angela.

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  4. web site is lovely nice to see all dogs on there and pics of girls

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  5. Hey guys great website i shall get dad to send you a pick of codi and a couple of Cali,Indy and Nanock talk to you all soon xx

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  6. Hi guys, great website! Will get some pics of Niko on here soon, should be funny as he starts Army life with me here in Aldershot soon, prepare for lots of trouble as he upsets the Officers with all his noise!! Have only just realised he is D\'arcy\'s full brother :)

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  7. Hi Leah and Family! Hope you all had a great xmas and New Year! The web site looks great -loving the photos!

    Take care -love to the family and the pack!

    The Granvilles

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  8. Hi Leah, new website is great. I will send you some photos of Gunner asap. It was lovely seeing you all Saturday, have a great Christmas all of you.

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  9. Hi all hope you are all well were all ok Apollo just as naughty and loveable as always. Well done girls on the Actimel audition
    Love the new site!
    Hope you have a very happy xmas and great new year.

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  10. hi 2 u all,hope u all have a great exmas and brill new year.hope all doggies are well and good.mine are both fine and doing really well.well done on your site its excallent xxxxx

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  11. Site looks brilliant - well done x

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