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Siberian husky pups born 12th sept 2012

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AMWA March 2010

(March 14, 2010)
What a great weekend we had at Kings forest Rally.
It was the last Rally of the season.
Due to us being so busy we haven't had the time to do all the rallies this year.
 This was Prada's first rally running with Razor and Cuba. The saturday was a night rally, so this was a bit daunting for Prada, but she was such a good girl for Terry she took everthing in her stride and they came 9th out of 16 in the M2 class.
 When we finished and finally got home it was midnight, then before we knew  it it was 6.30am and time to get up and go again.
This time the team came 9th out of 16 again which is tremendous as normally they would be slower the second day.
So our home bred team made us proud.
Also our youngest daughter Maddison went out in the Juniors class and came 3rd out of 9 ,with 2nd place Just  beating Maddi by just 9 seconds.
 Maddison took out Stranni from Bifrost who is Fuglys dad, they had a whale of a time, she came 3rd on both days, so she was chuffed and really enjoyed herself. 
Here is some photo's of Terry with Prada, Razor and Cuba.
Prada is at wheel behind Razor.
Also Maddison with Stranni

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