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Siberian husky pups born 12th sept 2012

Working your dogs

 Working pics of our dogs, Leah and Terry in Aveimore.
Leah winning the fastest all Bitch Team, with Pebbles fugley, Bushka and Lexi.
Terry running Pebbles Darcy Fugely and Bushka.
Terry again with, River and Gucci at wheel, Pebbles and her grandaughter fugley at swing, then Bushka and her daughter Lexi in Lead.




 Leah with Bushka,Lexi,Pebbles and Darcy.....
Leah with Bear and Gucci...
Terry with Raider, River and Gucci..
Raider and River with Terry...
Terry mushing while I am enjoying the scenery with the doggies.. Aviemore 07

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Origins of the Siberian Husky plus our Sibe's
Origins of the Alaskan Malamute plus our Mal's
showing your dog
Photo's of showing your dog. Videos of the Amcuk show may 2010 with Polarpaws Naknek Dreama getting Best Bitch..
Health Issue's

Photos of Babushka's Pyometra

Photo's of snake bites

Eye Problems



Hip Displasia