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Siberian husky pups born 12th sept 2012

previous siberian husky Breeding 2010 Badger

All puppies are settling in lovely in their new homes.
Badger is proud to announce the arrival of her beautiful babies, 1 girl and 3 boys.. mum and babies are doing great..
A  mating has taken place with  Polarpaws T'iamo Badger ) and  (Merlin). Zakistorti Badge of Honour
 at Dreamcatcher)
Please click on Badgers name above to see her pedigree and more about her.
Puppies only a few hours old.
Above The babies at 4 days old
Badger x Merlin pups at 3 weeks old
Pups at 4 weeks old jet, splash, squeak and Trudy..
Below the pups at 5 weeks old
Squeak has the mark down the side of his back, splash has a dot on his back, jet is the black and white one and Trudy has a big white neck....
Pups at 6 weeks old below, Jet is loved by Luke and Maxine, Splash (Thunder) is loved by Claire, Squeak is loved by Jo, Larry and Ashleigh and Trudy is loved by paul.
badgers pups at 7 weeks old
pups at 8 and 9 weeks old
The gang at 2 years old, Luna loves running does up tp 8 miles a day, also she does modelling, Levi loves to go on the scooter, Thunder and jet love to race in harness.
All boys and girls have wonderful temperaments, love being cuddled and kissed..
Merlin (The sire )   Below,                                                                                           
 DOB 24/5/07                                                                              
Hips 5/4                                                                                        
Eyes Clear     
  Badger (The dam) Below
  DOB 23.10.06
  Hips 4+3
  Eyes Clear
     Badger at 9 weeks pregnant..
This is what the pups pedigree will be like
 Below is merlins dad. Shimani casperov at Melodor
Above is merlins mum Acryse Ciara At Z akistorti.
You can click on Babushka's page to see Badgers mum..
By bringing these two wonderful dogs together we are hoping for show and working dogs, like the old school, both dogs have lovely almond eyes correct ear and head shape, lovely tail carriages, fantastic personalities.
They are both so very loving .
Badger is one of our fastest sibes and runs in our home bred 4 dog  team, Merlin also loves to run..both dogs have been shown .
For enquires about this matin please contact leah on 01375 406954 or email me.
All pups are kc reg
with 4 weeks complimentary insurance
1st inocculation
5 generation pedigree
settling in food for the week
A life time support from us.

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