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Siberian husky pups born 12th sept 2012

Health issue's

Babushka's story

This is a photo of Babushka's insides'

For those of you who know nothing about Pyometra this is what it can look like. The Pyometra is the sausage like part which is full of puss and blood. The white little spots are cyst.


This picture only shows half of what was taken away from Bushka, the other half was kept in a separate 5lt tub, just as this one shown.

This is the story,

A few weeks ago Babushka, my white Siberian Husky who happens to be 11 years old was booked into the vets (Friday morning) to be spayed and have two twisted lumps removed.                                    

On the Monday before, she was very lethargic and Just wanted to snuggle under the radiator and keep warm, and her two best pals Pebbles and China started taking it in turns to cuddle up to her. They would take it in turns to snuggle up, and when they got to hot they swapped over.

I realised Bushka was not herself, and on checking her over I noticed she was loosing some blood, but I knew this wasn't a season as she wasn't due to come into season until March. The blood seemed sticky but there was no smell. (With Pyometra you can get bad smells)

At this point I realised myself, Bushka may have Pyometra as the symptoms were looking ominous. We did no more than phone the vets up and take her in, at which point she was put straight on a drip of Electrolytes, we was hoping she would be operated on that day but she was too weak, so for two days she had fluids going through her body to make her stronger, but this didn't work, so we had no choice but to let our vet operate on her before she got any worse.

We were called that day by the vets to say she had pulled through, and was also told that Bushka had two tumours removed, and during the operation she was also spayed.  Babushka had the Pyometra taken away and the picture above clearly shows there was also over 60 cysts plus there was another lump drained.

The vets could not believe there eyes when they saw what came out of her, they had never seen anything like it before not on that scale.

That night we took Bushka home, her tummy was wrapped in sticky bandage also was her legs to keep the pressure on her tummy.

Bushka screamed all night long, it was terrible, she just couldn't get comfortable, but as the days went on she got better and better and within 3 days wanted to go and play with the other dogs, which was great.

Yesterday the 22nd Nov 2010 Bushka went to have her stitches out, she had heeled up lovely, but there was a snag, the results of the tumours came back and they were malignant, (carcinoma) so now we have to go back to the vets once a month for the next three months to get her checked.

As a result of this and doing my research it is quite evident that spaying your dog is a sure fine way of preventing this happening. Obviously, if you’re going to breed then you need to look at when, and not if.

I won’t go in to how much the VET fee’s come to but it’s not the money, it’s making sure your baby don’t suffer.


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Health Issue's

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