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Siberian husky pups born 12th sept 2012

photos of snake bite

This is a couple of photos of a snake bite, again this happend to poor Babushka.

This summer, Bushka was bitten by an Adder and although they are very painful when they bite, they are rarely fatal.

Bushka was put on a course of antibiotics for 3 weeks and recovered very well, her face did swell up and she was in pain but the medication helped within 4 days.

Most snake bites tend to be between March - October, if your dog is bitten by a snake please don't try to do first aid, seek medical attention and go to your vets.

A poisonous bite will show swelling, pain, and redness, centred on a pair of tiny puncture wounds. Other possible signs of a poisonous snake bite are laboured breathing, vomiting, diarrhoea, an increased pulse, and shock. If you suspect your dog has been bitten by a venomous snake because of displaying these signs, look for the paired puncture wounds on your dog's flesh.

The severity of signs seen in animals as a result of snake bites is variable and depends upon several factors; these include the site of the bite and the size of the animal (smaller animals being at more risk of severe problems due to the relative dose of venom to their bodyweight). Most adder bites result in pain and inflammation, but are not usually fatal. However, if your pet is bitten by an adder it should be considered to be an emergency and prompt veterinary attention should be sought, since in severe cases dogs may sometimes collapse and die following an adder bite.

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