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Siberian husky pups born 12th sept 2012

siberian husky pups have arrived Badger x Merlin born 12th sept 2012

A repeat  mating has taken place with Polarpaws T'iamo ( Badger ) and (Merlin). Zakistorti Badge of Honour at Deamcatchers. 
If you go to Badgers last litter you will see the pups as they have grown, now they are 2 years old next month.
Badgers pups was born on the 12th sept 2012, it's funny because her last liiter was born 2 years ago on the same date..
We have 1 prince and 3 princess, mother and babies are all doing great..
Badger : Dam
badger 2012
Sire: Merlin
pups 1 day old
Badger x merlin babes 1 day old
pups 1 day old
pups at 5 day old
pups at 10 days old
Pups at 3 weeks old
Video of Badgers pups at 3 weeks old
 pups at 4 weeks old
pups at 5 weeks old
pups 5 weeks old
 pups 6 weeks old
pups 7 weeks old
 http://youtu.be/d3j2Ri9CbyY  pups at 6 weeks old video
: http://youtu.be/N7xfG7Pp73I  pups at 7 weeks old

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